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  1. Introduce yourself to new comers, we are all here to train.

  2. Respect and put your equipment away.

  3. Don’t take your top off.

  4. Stick to the program, just because something is hard does not make it good. There is a process, trust it and follow it. That being said, its going to be hard!

  5. Let the coach, coach.

  6. Don’t drop bars from overhead.

  7. Keep chalk in the bucket.

  8. Weights are given as a guide, movement first, then add intensity (weight).  

  9. Trainers, t-shirt and shorts will do. Nanos and Met-cons not compulsory.

What is PA Hybrid?

PA Hybrid is a full body Strength and Conditioning class aimed to develop broad strength, health and fitness across all capacities. Unlike other strength and conditioning classes we programme our classes that allows you to train monday to friday and to ensure exercises from the previous day, do not conflict on your session. 


There is great thought, planning and a process through all our programming. Everything we do is scalable, this means all abilities and ages can participate. No-one cares if you scale movements, we are here to give everyone the opportunity to train and get fitter. Simple as that.


Why PA-Hybrid

 Our background in professional sport, where athletic performance cross both team and individuals is our expertise and will always be what we will drive. PA offers ‘The Barbell Project’ for strength athletes, PA Muscle for bodybuilding and physique athletes, and PA-Hybrid caters for those who want to train for general fitness.  

Our focus that movement, strength foundation, and high intensity conditioning are our foundations of performance with coaching being of ultimate importance.




Can I start straight away? 

Yes. Classes are coached by experienced coaches who can spent extra time with you during the session to ensure all movements are performed correctly. 


Who will be programming and coaching?

Across all out programs we have expertise.


Programming for all PA Hybrid will be by Simon Church (Msc Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit Level 2, Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach at Ospreys Rugby).


PA Barbell (Hybrid Strength & Weightlifting) Simon Church, Ryan Harris (Msc Strength & Conditioning, Head S&C Coach Dragons Rugby), Rhodri West (MSc Strength & Conditioning, Commonwealth Games Athlete (Weightlifting) 2018).


PA Muscle Garron Wiltshire (Level 3 Master Personal Trainer, Level 4 Diabetes & Obesity Management, UKBFF Mr. Wales Junior Physique). 


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